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If you’re at all like other Personality Junkie® readers, you probably recognize the value and importance of knowing who you are. After all, who you understand yourself to be—your sense of self and identity—influences everything; it is the compass we all use to navigate life. And because your personality type is an integral part of who you are, knowing and understanding your type (e.g., INFP) is essential and can furnish much needed direction in a world of seemingly infinite options. Unfortunately, like so many of our readers, you may be unsure of your true type, perhaps feeling like you’re “stuck in the middle” between two or three types. Read more…

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In order to know what we should do or how we should live, we must first know who we are. This compels us to understand ourselves and to clarify our identity. This “search for self” is also what leads many of us to personality typology. We sense that understanding our type might give us insight into ourselves, as well as the role we might play in the theater of life. Unfortunately, many personality books provide only a superficial understanding of the types. Seeing only the outermost shell of the types, they fail to capture many of their nuances and complexities. Read more...

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INTPs are the most philosophical of all the types. They love contemplating life, humanity, and the broad ways things are interconnected. They are also concerned with the perennial question of “how to live.” They loathe the idea of a mediocre life and have a deep sense that they should be doing something important with their lives. But in order to know what that entails, they feel they must first know themselves; self-knowledge must precede action. Unfortunately, pinning down who they are is rarely as easy as it might seem. It can take years, even decades, for INTPs to find themselves. Read more...

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INTPs are equal parts thinker and seeker. Recognizing life’s brevity, they strive to craft a life that is important, meaningful, and authentically reflects who they are. Toward this end, they feel compelled to clarify their understanding of their core self, purpose, and philosophy / worldview. Unfortunately, the INTP quest is rarely simple or straightforward, and it often extends far longer than they anticipate. Plagued by doubt and uncertainty, some may worry they will never find what they are looking for and that all their explorations will have been for naught. But those who persist in their quest have good reason for hope. Read more...  

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