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16 Personality Types Book

This book is a handy compendium of Dr. Drenth’s personality type profiles, including expanded descriptions of the INFP, INFJ, and INTJ types. It features in-depth descriptions of each type’s personality traits, functions (e.g., Ni, Fe), strengths, and weaknesses. The book also explores type theory, the inferior function, and paths for growth and development. Readers are encouraged to study it in conjunction with our other book, My True Type. The book’s print length is 228 pages. Like our other eBooks, it’s fully compatible with all devices.

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#1 INTP Book Worldwide!


The INTP is the most philosophical of all the types. INTPs love contemplating life, humanity, and the broad ways things are interconnected. They’re also concerned with the perennial question of “how to live.” They loathe the idea of a mediocre life and have a deep sense that they should be doing something important with their lives. But in order to know what that entails, they feel they must first know themselves. Unfortunately, pinning down who they are is rarely as easy as it might seem. It can take years, even decades, to find themselves. Despite these challenges, INTPs can progress in their search for truth, meaning, and self-understanding. This book can powerfully aid and expedite that process.

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Explore INTPs’ Deepest Concerns

INTP Quest Book

INTPs are equal parts thinker and seeker. Recognizing life’s brevity, they strive to craft a life that is important, meaningful, and authentically reflects who they are. Toward this end, they are compelled to clarify their understanding of their core self, purpose, and philosophy. While their quest is rarely simple or straightforward, those who persist have good reason for hope. This book explores the foremost existential concerns INTPs strive to understand and resolve through their quest. If you’re seeking insight into INTPs’ personality, their ideas and philosophies, their life struggles and more, this book is for you.

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