Truth & Meaning in the Modern World
Self-Knowledge through Jung’s Typology
Purpose & Approach

1. INTP Profile

The INTP from Without
INTP Gender Differences
The INTP’s Functional Stack
Harmony vs. Helping
Reluctance to Extravert Judgment
Desire to Teach/Enlighten Others
Desire for Affirmation/Validation
Childlike & Slippery Emotions
Hypersensitivity & Anger

2. Growth & Development

Phase I: Early Childhood
Phase II: Later Childhood-30s
Phase III: 30s, 40s, & Beyond

3. Negative Potentials & Disorders

The INTP’s “Dark Side”
Autism/Asperger Syndrome
Schizoid & Schizotypal Personality Disorders

4. Questing for Truth & Meaning

The Role of Fe in INTP’s Quest for Meaning
Crises of Meaning
Framing Meaning
Anxiety, Meaning, & “Being Okay”
Why INTPs Struggle to Find Convergent Truth
Illusory Short-Cuts to Truth

5. Political, Religious, & Philosophical Propensities

Political Propensities
Religious Propensities
Philosophical Propensities

6. Careers, Majors, & Interests

Career Choice: Journey or Destination?
INTP Career Selection
Independent Experiments
Marketable Skills
The Value of a “Day Job”
Impulsivity, Achievement, & Mastery
Subjectivity vs. Objectivity in INTP Careers
Holland Interests & Careers
The “Hard” Sciences
The Social/Moral Sciences
Computer Science
Freelance Investigations
College Teaching/Professorship

7. Relationships

Reasons & Justifications for Relationships
Relationships as a Forum for Learning
The Openness & Honesty (O & H) Policy
The Danger of Concealing Negative Thoughts
INTP Communication Issues
Improving Communication
Identity Issues: Lone Wolf vs. Mr. Nice Guy
Freedom to Doubt
Attitudes toward Family & Parenting

8. Compatibility with Other Types

INTP-ENFJ Pairings
INTP-ENTJ Pairings
INTP-ENFP Pairings
INTP-ENTP Pairings
INTP-INFJ Pairings
INTP-INTJ Pairings
INTP-INFP Pairings
INTP-INTP Pairings
Pairing with Sensing Types

9. Distinguishing INTPs from Related Types



“Can’t say enough good things about it.”

-C. Saunders

After much unfulfilling research online and through many books about possible career paths for INTPs I found this book to be informative on another level to say the least. I cannot say enough good things about this book and how much it has meant to my personal growth and development. No filler in this book! Simply a must for any INTP wanting an in depth user manual for their inner mental workings. To the author I say thank you for creating such a book.

“Deeply insightful.”

-R. Riehl

This book is not only well-written, well-organized, and easy to understand, but is also deeply insightful. I got the sense that Drenth is a master of 16 personalities typology and the INTP in particular. So many things stand out: The phrase “fiercely independent.” The way we struggle to relate to other people. The way we put so much emphasis on the spiritual and intellectual meaning of our work and careers. I recommend this book to anyone who is an INTP or has an INTP loved one.

“Profound & insightful.”

-J. Matthews

Not to knock all the other online and printed material I have read on Myers-Briggs personality types, I found this book to be the most profound and insightful one. Ever since I found out about MBTI two years ago, I’ve been on a mission to find out as much as I can about myself. All the other things have been very helpful in steering me in the right direction as far as career goes; however, this book on my type has been more specific on things about me in how I conduct my life in other areas, as well. Life has been a struggle for me in terms knowing what types of careers and relationships are right for me. Now I have more confidence in myself and my choices to ignore all the people in my life who say I’m wrong for thinking and living my life the way I should.

“Digs deep into the life of an INTP.”

-T. Welch

Wow! This book has been so helpful for me. I discovered that I am an INTP from other websites. But it has been hard for me to find a book like this that really digs deep into the life of an INTP and addresses the never ending questions and wonders that a typical INTP would have. It is incredibly accurate… Even though it is somewhat discouraging to be made more aware of what people of this personality struggle with, it also gives me hope to see that INTP’s can be very successful and find a way to be satisfied with life. I tend to be skeptical (typical of the INTP mindset) of buying books for fear that they won’t be worth it or will only explain what I already know or don’t care to know. If you are an INTP, I can safely assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

About the Author

A.J. Drenth

A.J. Drenth is a four-time author and recognized authority on personality typology. He founded Personality Junkie® in 2009 which has since grown to see over 70,000 subscribers and three million annual visitors. His work has been referenced in numerous books and publications and he currently boasts the two best-selling INTP books on