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As discussed in our book, My True Type, there are a number of reasons why identifying your true personality type may not be as easy as it sounds. This is especially true for introverts, since the J-P nature of their dominant function is actually the inverse of their J-P preference. This, in conjunction with other variables, has generated ample type confusion, with countless INTJs mistyping as INTPs, and vice-versa. Such confusion has been perpetuated by popular personality tests that rely exclusively on generic J-P questions in attempt to distinguish these closely related types.

To combat this type confusion, we have developed The INTJ-INTP Type Clarifier™. Unlike other personality tests, this unique assessment is based on extensive research and observation of specific INTJ and INTP characteristics. If you are struggling to discern whether you are an INTJ or INTP, or simply want expert confirmation of your type, this assessment is essential. As an added bonus, you’ll receive a PDF document containing detailed explanations and rationales for all the test items.

The INTJ-INTP Type Clarifier!

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    Get instant online access to the INTJ-INTP Type Clarifier™ test.
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    Includes 50 carefully researched questions, designed to identify key INTJ-INTP type differences, including those reflected in their social behaviors, modes of cognition, and attitudes toward science, religion, morality, etc. 
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    Results delivered in a percentage format, allowing you to gauge the strength of your type preference.
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    You'll also receive a 25+ page packet containing all the test questions and their associated rationales (a great learning opportunity!).
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    Fully refundable if you aren't completely satisfied.
intj intp clarifier

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The INTJ-INTP Type Clarifier™ Test

intj-intp personality test

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INTJ-INTP Clarifier™ + My True Type

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What People Are Saying...


Ben Thomas, Research Assistant

"When I dove into MBTI typology two years ago, I was immediately certain of my I and N preference. However, no matter how much I researched, I simply could not decide my J vs. P preference. I took the INTJ-INTP Clarifier test yesterday. The explanatory PDF was particularly helpful. While the initial test result was 59%, the explanations helped me to understand the reasoning behind certain answers. This helped me to determine that I was leaning much more towards INTP (more like 70%). I also purchased your INTP books and what eye-openers! It was as if you had written my manual, pinpointing the exact make-up of my personality. Spot-on. Your work is by far the most in-depth, insightful and comprehensible I have read thus far (and I have read a lot on this subject over the last years)."


Chris Sheldrake, Graduate Student

“I’ve always been rather skeptical of personality tests, but I must admit I was impressed with this one. Together with the rationales, this test confirmed my status as an INTP and helped me better understand the key differences between these two types.”


Angela Cornish, Software Developer

More than anything, I really appreciated the rationales for the test items, which revealed the evidence and reasoning behind them. Clearly, a great deal of thought was put into this assessment. I now feel more confident and informed about my type.”


Jeffrey Braskey, Engineer

“No personality test is perfect. Human beings are just too damn complex. But like Dr. Drenth’s books, this test was very beneficial. I highly recommend it to other INT types.”


Kathryn Hendrix, Designer

“This was unlike any other personality test I’ve taken (in a good way). Many of the questions were longer or more specific than other questionnaires. This made it harder, even for a type junkie like myself, to immediately know which response corresponded to each type. I also liked the rationales which bettered my understanding of these two types. Great work!”

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