“Perfect for NPs Who Feel Stuck”

Thoroughly fascinating! NPs will enjoy this deep dive into their personality. No doubt they’ll walk away with a greater understanding of what makes them tick and what they need in life to thrive. Perfect for any NPs who currently feel stuck or directionless.

Jenn Granneman

Author, The Secret Lives of Introverts


“A Ton of Great Insights”

As an ENFP with friends who are NP types, I really enjoyed learning about our personalities and what motivates us. I’ve also been doing a lot of wrestling with my career path and this course gave me a ton of great insights in that respect. I would recommend this course to all NPs looking to find themselves and their purpose.

Angel Guzman

Musician & Translator


“You Won’t Be Disappointed”

This course is truly for the NP with an insatiable hunger for self-discovery. Where so many personality type resources rely on recycled information and meaningless platitudes, Dr. Drenth has put together a detailed, meaningful, well-researched course that will provide even the most curious NP with plenty to chew on. Dr. Drenth is especially conscientious about citing scientific sources and providing resources for further study, so you’ll never be left wondering how to find out more. If you’re prone to the typical curiosity of the NP, you won’t be disappointed by this course.

Molly Owens

Personality Author & Founder of Truity.com



I’ve been working to understand myself since my early twenties and have explored a wide range of interests and careers. I came across Personality Junkie a few years ago on a friend’s recommendation and have found it incredibly insightful. Dr. Drenth does an excellent job explaining our personality and struggles as NP types. He then outlines a number of strategies to help us with our careers, relationships, and self-discovery. While the course has already helped me a lot, I’m eager to go through it again and glean some additional insights. NPs will find it enlightening.

Kevin Thompson

Graphic / Web Designer


“A Real Game-Changer”

We NPs are an unusual breed and not always easy to pin down, but Dr. Drenth is surprisingly skilled at honing in our key features. I learned lot about myself in this course and why I behave the way I do. I’ve always had difficulty with commitment and follow-through and this course helped me understand why this is the case. It also includes practical exercises which I found really valuable. Thanks a million for this great course! It’s been a real game-changer for me.

Eric Martin

Marketer & Entrepreneur


“Highly Recommended”

I am a personality educator and regularly conduct type-based training and certification programs. Having read much of A.J. Drenth’s work and consulted with him on one of our programs, I can testify to his thorough knowledge of type, as well as his ability to present ideas in a clear and accessible fashion. In this course, A.J. elucidates NPs’ personality characteristics, the specific challenges they face, as well as ways of navigating those challenges. I highly recommend it to NPs seeking growth, clarity, and direction.

Antonia Dodge

Co-Owner & Lead Trainer, Personality Hacker

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About the Presenter

A.J. Drenth

A.J. Drenth is a four-time author and recognized authority on personality typology. He founded Personality Junkie® in 2009 which has since grown to see over 70,000 subscribers and three million annual visitors. His work has been referenced in numerous books and publications and he currently boasts the two best-selling INTP books on Amazon.com.