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To ensure success in our personal growth, careers, and relationships, it is essential to know our true type. Unfortunately, many people are either unsure of their true type or have inadvertently been mistyped. In our work advising personality enthusiasts over the years, this has rarely been more apparent than among INF types. Despite being some of the most devoted students of type, INFPs routinely misidentify as INFJs, and vice-versa. This is due largely to the failure of popular personality tests and type descriptions to clearly delineate the differences and nuances between these two types. To combat this confusion, we developed The INFJ-INFP Type Clarifier™ test. Read more...

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As discussed in our book, My True Type, there are a number of reasons why identifying your true personality type is not as easy as one might suspect. This is especially true for introverts, since the J-P nature of their dominant function is actually the inverse of their J-P preference. This, in conjunction with other variables, has generated ample type confusion, with countless INTJs mistyping as INTPs, and vice-versa. Such confusion has been furthered by popular personality tests that rely exclusively on generic J-P questions in attempt to distinguish these closely related types. To combat this type confusion, we developed The INTJ-INTP Type Clarifier™ test. Read more...

Now Only $9.99

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